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Green building in North America will continue to see strong growth throughout the coming year. That’s according to green building consultant Jerry Yudelson, who predicts that 2014 will also experience a growing focus on energy efficiency and zero-net-energy buildings.…(Read More)

“In terms of effectiveness, safe working conditions at construction jobsites are best achieved when the prime or general contractor assumes his rightful leadership role and takes primary responsibility to (a) establish, (b) coordinate, (c) monitor, and (d) generally manage the overall basic safety program content and structure for all parties and persons at his jobsite…(Read More)

What can be done on jobsites to reduce the likelihood of claims being filed against your company? A few of the common trends that result in disputes include labor or material shortages, unplanned disruptions, and architect-related delays. Joshua Johnson, a partner with Gentry, Locke, Rakes and Moore, a law firm that handles construction and…(Read More)