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Construction headhunters and even regular executive recruiters that are specialized in construction jobs are always looking for people that have the right experience and the proper skills in order to recommend to employers. Due to the current evolution of technology, the headhunters are no longer using the regular media channels to locate the proper candidates…(Read More)

Construction job search keeps getting more difficult as time passes because of the fact that the competition is becoming stronger. You are going to be faced with many other candidates for the job that you are thinking about applying to so it is important that you use all the possible resources that are available. One…(Read More)

Just like with any job that exists, there are different myths about construction management jobs. Two of them are really common and it has to be understood that it they are not true. Many tend to think that payment is scarce and that there is too much travel time involved so family life is never…(Read More)

Nowadays construction recruitment became really important and most companies are hiring third party contractors to handle this process. These contractors do have the necessary experience to properly screen candidates that are not suitable and to eventually present only really good choices to the actual employer. What is really interesting is the fact that there are…(Read More)

Construction employment can be very difficult at times due to the fact that it is quite common that the employer receives thousands of resumes for just one job that is available. It is highly important to be able to hire the best possible candidate and this means that a screening test is necessary. A computer…(Read More)

Construction work is dangerous and many different serious injuries can appear if the right measures are not taken. A responsible construction company will always take the necessary steps in order to make sure that any job site will have proper supervision and that the necessary safety measures are always reality to limit severity and number…(Read More)