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Workers appreciate companies that offer unlimited vacation and sick days. Research finds people like the flexibility and, as a result, are more productive. The Society for Human Resource Management says only one percent of U.S. companies have updated their paid time-off policies, which also benefits employers. “Companies save by not having the administrative…(Read More)

How much credence do you give to your gut instincts? If you depend on your intuition when hiring, workplace blogger Meghan Biro warns that going with your gut is too vague when making important hiring decisions. Biro says due diligence is needed, and she has five ways to avoid the common traps of bad hires…(Read More)

Several recent collapses of huge cranes in Britain have prompted authorities there to issue warnings about heavy rig safety.  The tips come from the Health and Safety Executive, an independent watchdog group for work-related health, safety and illness.  The HSE advice to crane owners and operators can certainly be applied in the U.S…(Read More)

The 2014 First-Quarter Non-Residential Construction Index offers good news for construction projects this year. The research, compiled by global engineering and construction consultancy FMI, finds that 49 percent of survey participants expect construction to grow up to five percent in 2014. That figure is up from just 18 percent a year ago, according…(Read More)

There are three prerequisites to consistently hiring amazing talent. So says author and consultant Lou Adler. One of his rules: Have a great hiring manager. Read Adler’s reasoning in his post on LinkedIn.…(Read More)

Engineers are a hot commodity these days, and many are willing to leave their current positions for new employment. New data from Experis, a global leader in professional resourcing, suggests that hiring managers incorporate flexible work models to accommodate for the high demand for engineering talent. Sixty-one percent of the engineers polled by Experis…(Read More)

How do you keep clients up-to-date in our attention-starved business world?   If you’re still sharing information through spreadsheets, multi-page reports, and PowerPoint slides, it’s time to refine your business communication.   Visuals and multimedia are the buzz for 2014. Clearly, visuals have been integral to the construction industry long…(Read More)

“Google Glass is one of the wearable devices that has been gaining some buzz in the construction industry, as construction professionals can use the technology to stay connected to project data while walking the jobsite,” explains a post on One of the latest developments with Google Glass involves virtual mapping. If a piece…(Read More)

Business growth in the U.S. is looking up, yet a majority of chief financial officers admit they’re having a hard time recruiting for professional positions. “A company’s success often is directly tied to its ability to attract and retain talented employees,” states Paul McDonald, Robert Half senior executive director. “The businesses best…(Read More)