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One recruiting professional who attended the SXSW conference with lots of other talent and sourcing folks admits he’s surprised by changes and functions within LinkedIn. The conference in Austin, TX sparked conversations about keywords, search, layouts…and costs. The author of this post, Johnny Campbell, says he’s not impressed with some of the…(Read More)

In our candidate-rich job market, you’ll need to spice up your recruiting efforts when looking for top-notch engineers. These four tactics, including hosting or sponsoring an event and networking with contractors, can help.…(Read More)

A new 3-D technology that could reduce the time needed to build housing developments and slash the need for dangerous labor is getting the attention of industry leaders. It’s called “contour crafting”, a practice that’s explained in this post by Stanley Jackson on “Contour crafting creates physical prototypes from designers…(Read More)

Facebook’s new Social Graph Search is ripe with opportunities for niche recruiters. Industry strategist Jessica Miller-Merrell maintains the Graph function has “opened the doors for recruiters by allowing improved search of friend’s data and better access to public information.” If you’re beginning to dabble in this platform, you will   appreciate these…(Read More)

For the second consecutive year, the non-residential construction industry is looking strong. The Construction Industry Forecast from Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc. indicates that 2013 will bring a modest increase in construction activity in most parts of the U.S. “Wells Fargo’s Construction Optimism Quotient (OQ) – the survey’s primary benchmark for measuring…(Read More)

Here’s the secret sauce when selecting the final candidate for a position. When choices are whittled down to two candidates, entrepreneur Bryan Burkhart of H. Bloom florists in New York says you should consider the person’s fit for the role and the person’s fit for the team. He offers insights about phone…(Read More)

With 52 percent of job seekers using Facebook to find work, the channel’s new Graph Search is a big help to hiring managers and recruiters. Social employee referral management platform Zao has compiled this infographic, which offers several tips on how to target your search.…(Read More)

“The ability to attract, extract, and deliver talent is—and always will be—a high-touch service which will continue to put recruiters at the very epicenter of the corporate future.” So says Adrian Kinnersley, founding partner of Twenty Recruitment Group, a global executive recruiting firm. Kinnersley explains that candidates want their recruiters to manage…(Read More)

Want to inject spice into your website’s Careers Page? Take a look at these 10 awesome ways that small and large construction organizations can breathe new life into their web presence. Sharing stats, creating micro-culture videos, and showing connections to the company are among the suggestions. You’ll want to bookmark this post…(Read More)

This may be the convergence of jobsite safety, security, and technology. A growing number of construction projects are using radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards to passively monitor everything from a worker’s jobsite activities, immigration status, and security credentials. “Being aware of what’s happening on-site allows managers to proactively avoid problems by having…(Read More)