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How can 4D CAD building modelling improve various phases of projects? It can help construction pros, engineers, and architects visualize scheduling and improve coordination between various departments and entities. It can also advance documentation and communication. A review of 4D modelling on addresses some potential limitations to 4D. One is the necessity of…(Read More)

July brought some heat to the U.S., but it also delivered good news about the construction of apartment buildings. The U.S. Commerce Department reports that last month was the busiest for the construction of multiple-unit buildings since 1989.  Apartment permits increased 17.5 percent in July, as compared with the same period…(Read More)

Nearly 40 percent of women with engineering degrees either leave the field after five years or never work in it at all. The research was presented at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference.  “Among women who left less than five years ago, two-thirds said they pursued better opportunities in other fields while a…(Read More)

The head of the New York Building Congress predicts construction spending in New York City will jump 10 percent in 2014 to $31.5 billion. It would be the first time construction spending has exceeded $30 billion since 2010. Richard Anderson, president of the New York Building Congress, says there is a lot of confidence…(Read More)

3 Reasons to Use Metaphors in Business Communication     The rapid pace of technology and the world makes it more challenging than ever to connect with people, especially those with whom we want to build consensus and influence. While words are powerful, the human brain is wired to think in pictures and images. For example,…(Read More)

Curtailing the costs of vehicles on the road can be a challenge, but it is possible to keep expenses down. National fleet incentives and factory orders should be considered when purchasing or upgrading. And a lifecycle cost analysis should be conducted. “While different makes and models will fit your specs, they’ll each return different…(Read More)

The 3rd Annual Construction Technology Report has been released. Some 1,000 builders were asked about IT staffing, outsourcing, R&D, and cloud solutions used during the building process. James Benham, president of JB Knowledge, a technology consulting company for the construction industry, said most companies still lack the infrastructure to integrate mobile with…(Read More)