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Biometrics is a futuristic-seeming technology that can solve real-life pain points for construction companies, according to “In construction, which relies heavily on a mobile workforce, many companies have already dabbled in biometrics technology by leveraging solutions that allow employees to keep track of their time via fingerprint or even facial-recognition…(Read More)

“Productivity, budgeting, and management have all seen improvements due to mobile technology,” according to “Mobile devices have become the most powerful, and useful, tools on a construction site because they bring everyone together for collaboration, control, and design.” Before the burst of technology hit, it could take weeks or months for construction workers…(Read More)

New research finds that 69 percent of businesses say that strategic workforce planning—a blended mix of people, data and technology—is essential or a high priority. However, representatives of the Human Capital Institute say less than half of the respondents are confident in the organization’s preparation for future talent needs. Is the construction…(Read More)

Texas, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and North Carolina are among the top states for future job growth, according to The research is based on projected annual job expansion, median household income, and unemployment rates. Texas grabbed the No. 1 spot, with Houston being noted for its burgeoning oil and gas activities. Writer Kurt Badenhausen…(Read More)

When it comes to supply and demand in the coming year, what role will construction play? Research from CareerBuilder finds there will be brisk job activity for those with college degrees, such as industrial engineers, marketing executives, network and computer system administrators, and nurses. The positions that don’t require degrees that are on the…(Read More)

Adaptive reuse projects are popping up in cities around the U.S. as construction companies convert old buildings into hotels. One such mini-boom is taking place in Chicago.  Many developers are turning to redevelopment rather than ground-up construction, writes Bob Geiger on “Like the high tech industry, the hospitality industry is…(Read More)