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One of my favorite television shows is “Holmes on Homes.” The mantra of the show’s host Mike Holmes is ‘do it right the first time.’ Mike hires excellent painters, drywallers, roofers, plasterers, carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, and painters. He’s been in the business long enough to establish great working relationships with local electricians and…(Read More)

If you have proven skills in almost any area of construction, you are in demand. Don’t think however that painting your own house or building a few pieces of wooden furniture will make you a skilled construction worker or make it easier to find jobs in construction. It takes years of experience to become…(Read More)

What are construction employment agencies? They are employment agencies that have chosen to specialize in finding employees for clients in construction-related industries. There are benefits of this specialization for both clients and employees. The most often quoted reasons for using construction employment agencies from a client’s point of view are the decreased costs…(Read More)

If you already have experience in drywalling, plastering, painting, laying tile, carpeting, installing vinyl floors, carpentry, or other important parts of the building trade, you should register with some construction employment agencies. Benefits of registering with established construction recruitment agencies include the ability to use the agency as a reference for future jobs in construction…(Read More)

Are you skilled at drywalling, roofing, plastering, carpentry, or painting? Do you have plumbing or electrician skills? Instead of looking for construction jobs yourself, why not consider registering with construction employment agencies, construction headhunters, or construction recruitment companies? If you are hired by one of these companies, they will find the jobs for you, pay…(Read More)

Most construction jobs pay fairly well, from $12.00 to $15.00 per hour. If you are a licensed electrician or plumber, you can command even higher hourly wages. You do need to have some skills in construction to get these higher paying jobs. Unskilled laborers on a construction site will probably be making minimum…(Read More)

Are you a talented carpenter? Do you have experience with drywalling, painting, carpeting, laying tile, painting (interior or exterior), roofing, or other building trades? Are you a licensed electrician or plumber? If you can say yes to one or more (or even all of the above questions) consider registering with a construction headhunter, construction recruitment…(Read More)

You may be wondering what construction headhunters are. Really, the label ‘construction headhunters’ is just another term for construction employment agencies. The construction headhunter firm may and usually does specialize in only construction employment, where construction employment agencies can be an extension of a larger non-construction employment agency. What are the benefits of using…(Read More)

There are benefits for both builders and laborers in using construction employment agencies, construction recruitment agencies, or construction headhunters. The benefits for builders if they choose to use these types of agencies include decreased costs, less time spent on paperwork, and the fact that most of these agencies have their own contracting licenses. They’ve…(Read More)