Posts From the monthly archives: "April 2013"

Applicant tracking systems and other technology often hinders the online application process. Without a human being to communicate with, candidates feel as if their résumé has fallen into the abyss. There are some good tips here to help improve the online candidate experience.  For example, industry leaders suggest that your application process take no…(Read More)

Do you consistently offer your comments to applicants after their job interviews? And do employers provide you with insights about each interview? Follow-up reaction for both candidates and recruiters is essential, writes Adam Bolton, founder of AB Recruit Ltd. If employers aren’t giving you structured feedback on each interview you arrange, ask them…(Read More)

Intelligence tops the list of attributes employers look for in candidates. Brian Wallace’s infographic reveals that 76 percent of the productivity and contribution of an employee “is determined by his or her level of intelligence.” Wallace, the president of NowSourcing, a social media marketing and infographic consultancy, also covers Emotional Intelligence. But it’s…(Read More)

“The tools that help collaboration and eliminate bottlenecks in the three phases of construction—planning, designing, and building—are rooted in tablets, Smartphones, and mobile intelligent hotspots, also known as ‘Jetpacks,’” explains a post on The author, Paul Bedard of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, says mobile project management and remote data storage are among…(Read More)

Criminal background checks aren’t much of a priority these days. “Almost 70 percent of respondents who said that their organizations have reviewed the EEOC guidance, only a little more than half of them have not made changes to their screening policies as a result,” states HR blogger China Gorman. “More interesting, though, is the…(Read More)

Have you noticed a blurry line between the roles and responsibilities of recruiters and hiring managers in the construction industry? It’s a disconnect that circles back to communication, leadership, and problem solving. The author of this post, Marilyn King of Qualigence International, writes that expectations and “must haves” from both sides are often flawed…(Read More)

With an array of sourcing options, what are the best ways to stay competitive and find star talent for construction positions? Go back to basics. That’s the advice from Kazim Ladimeji, an HR practitioner and director of The Career Café. He contends that job boards and word-of-mouth are still the best ways…(Read More)