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There are a lot of misperceptions about smart construction building projects, according to JLL. For example, this infographic explains that smart building is not just about energy conservation. Another myth is that smart building and green building are the same. That’s just wrong. Myth No. 6 is important, too: Smart buildings can only be…(Read More)

Have you entertained the idea of a safety committee? If so, what was the result? Many construction companies think about starting such a group, but few have been successful. Blake Croson of Assurance Agency recommends you select one or more employees from each department or division (depending on its size) who have demonstrated strong communication…(Read More)

Construction jobs bring inherent risks, such as safety issues. Employers are also at risk when payments don’t come in on time, or at all. If your Accounts Receivables department needs some fine-tuning, you’ll want to read—and share—this post. “Scope of work issues, inspection problems, change order dispute, pay when paid…(Read More)

Everyday consumers have been the target of wearable technology, but those who work on construction jobs are a target market, too. “On the job, workers in this industry can’t waste their valuable time worrying about picking up a phone to call a client or checking in on the progress of a current project,” writes…(Read More)

“An unspectacular reemergence” is how The Wall Street Journal describes the slow economic recovery of the construction industry. While the economy drags back from the 2008 recession, a new study commissioned by the Associated Builders and Contractors offers a state-by-state breakdown of the construction sector, from fracking and tourism to defense spending and…(Read More)

Many professionals are familiar with business networking groups, such as Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, and trade associations. They frequent events in order to be more visible in their communities, and hopefully, build business. Members often include a cross section of businesses, including banking, insurance, health care, IT and staffing. Things are different at BNI…(Read More)

New demands for commercial construction has led to rising costs, a factor that impacts profitability.  A recent report from JLL on non-residential construction concludes that raw material and labor costs are making it more expensive to get out of the ground than ever before. reports that 2015 will be a big year…(Read More)

When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint, can employers get buy-in from construction workers? “Successful construction firms around the country have made sustainability a key value in their daily practices,” writes Jessica Stoikes on “Not only do they invest in green practices and equipment, they instill the meaning and value of…(Read More)