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Humility and confidence are among the attributes you should insist upon when hiring managers. Top notch construction project managers should also have superior communication skills. “A person who is frequently misinterpreted or who always seems to rub people the wrong way just won’t be the best fit for a management position, states Robyn Tellefsen…(Read More)

A New York-based company is beta-testing robots that can lay bricks and may be coming to a jobsite near you. The semi-autonomous mason machine, or SAM, is being watched closely by construction and robotics professionals alike. “At a full sprint, SAM can lay bricks at speeds comparable to a mason,” says Scott…(Read More)

Debate over the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment has always been a lively one. But the company itself recently issued an e-mail that there are many people who misunderstand and misuse the assessment.  According to Erik Sherman, a corporate communications consultant and author, Myers-Briggs says that using the MBTI as part of…(Read More)

How can you manage risk in industrial construction projects? While there’s no way to avoid accidents, pre-construction and financial threats are two of the areas that should be evaluated before a job begins. “We recommend managing risk in four stages – identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring,” says Tricia Corcuera of DRAXware Solutions, a construction…(Read More)

The jobless rate has dropped to a five-year low, as unemployment in the U.S. fell to seven percent last month. The stronger than expected November figures brought good news for the construction and energy sectors. reports that factories took on the most workers since March 2012, employment in construction accelerated, and…(Read More)

Several jobs that made this list from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are construction-related. And what’s also noteworthy is these dangerous jobs don’t pay very much. For instance, roofers, construction laborers, and structural iron and steel workers all have high fatality rates due to falls. The pay in each of…(Read More)

Transferring liability and additional endorsements can be tricky for construction companies that work with subcontractors. To add to the confusion, the courts often get involved when claims are filed. The Lockton Companies, which provides insurance and employee benefits, has produced a short slide deck on the topic. Lockton concludes that two recent court decisions are…(Read More)

Too many leaders in construction and other industries are overthinking their employee engagement strategies. That’s according to business consultant and author Bill Treasurer, who reminds us that engaged employees stick around and add to an organization’s success. “Take the time to get to know the career goals and aspirations of the people you…(Read More)

“We usually associate branding as the Marketing Department’s baby but it’s not, everyone within your organization is part of the brand,” maintains HR pro Chris Fields, who blogs at He writes that when searching for top talent, there’s no room for ambiguity. “For instance, if a company uses social media…(Read More)