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The construction industry knows all too well about on-the-job injuries and fatalities. But what about workplace violence that often ends in death? A post on states: “OSHA’s general requirement basically directs employers to protect their employees from ‘foreseeable’ risks. HR Professionals are not expected to protect employees from every possible…(Read More)

Lean Construction is an emerging industry trend that’s gotten the attention of the legal community. Attorney Matt Paxton, who practices construction law and litigation at Ahlers & Cressman PLLC, blogs that Lean Construction is a way to design production systems in order to generate the maximum possible value by minimizing waste of materials, time…(Read More)

Slowing down for the lazy, hazy days of summer? While others are complaining that business is tapering off and everyone is on vacation, use this time to recharge your battery and kick-start your success. Here are 20 things you can do this summer to prepare for a triumphant rest of the year. These small…(Read More)

Glassdoor, an online database that compiles job information, has released data that analyzed business outlooks and satisfaction ratings by current employees. According to the research, construction, manufacturing, Information Technology and accounting are thriving with jobs to fill. This post on offers highlights of the research.…(Read More)

Leaders of 20 industry associations have formed a partnership to promote resiliency, safety, and performance standards in building. The Alliance for a Resilient Tomorrow will focus on climate change, infrastructure, designing for disasters, and mitigation. “A history of events have already occurred in this country—hurricanes, tornadoes, and mudslides—and we now have a game…(Read More)

Construction company contractors and their suppliers are the latest target of purchase order scams. Specifically, con artists are directing their efforts towards universities. “Using email as the primary method of communication, or in some cases a phone, the scammers will attempt to get a quote for products from a given vendor. Once the quote is…(Read More)

The pace of home construction jumped to its highest level since last November. The news comes as a surprise to analysts. reports that housing starts climbed 13.2 percent to a 1.07 million annualized rate following March’s 947,000 pace, the Commerce Department said. The increase in housing starts was dominated…(Read More)

I guess you could call me a sports fan. I don’t consider myself a fanatic, but I watch my fair share of football and basketball games. Whenever I attend a game in person I always notice how many fans in my section are obsessed with officiating. It seems that all the bad calls go…(Read More)