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Do project managers and C-suite execs need charisma to succeed in the construction industry? One blogger who writes about leadership suggests you find people willing to get dirt under their fingernails. “They are the ones that will earn respect of people, and results always follow,” maintains Mark Olivito.…(Read More)

Do you know the best way to prevent hiring disasters? The secret lies in the personal characteristics and motivation of the candidates you screen. According to Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, a global freelance hiring portal, these are the two most important criteria for any new hire. Swart maintains that personal values and motivation trump…(Read More)

“Fragmented and fragile” is how Ken Simonson, chief economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, describes today’s recovery of construction jobs. He tells that when analyzing June’s job figures, the numbers are unsettling. “Job gains and losses were quite different last month from the patterns in the past several years…(Read More)

New research from Mercer, the global HR consultancy, finds that employers plan to increase worker salaries by an average of 2.9 percent in 2014. That’s just marginally better than the 2.8 percent boost they gave this year. But this post on CNNMoney also states that engineering, financial, and legal firms are also…(Read More)

It’s the elite of the online employment industry. Weddles has just released its 2013 User’s Choice Awards. The top few sites on the esteemed list include,,, and “With more than 100,000 job boards now operating on the web, it’s hard to know which…(Read More)

Would you present an offer to a candidate through social media? That’s one of the points in this post outlining several steps in the social recruiting process. Of course, before you reach the ‘offer’ stage, there’s the attraction, engagement, and sourcing components of online recruiting. Take a look at the five steps suggested…(Read More)