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It’s all about apps. Construction professionals are replacing their toolboxes with technology this holiday season. Here are dozens of interesting apps for industry pros, from Construction Master Pro Developer created by Calculated Industries to Field Supervisor from Bentley Systems. Most are freebies; a few are priced at $19.99. Happy shopping!   http://www…(Read More)

Insurance experts contend a lack of documentation on alleged construction defects is problematic. A company’s inability to quickly locate records brings long-lasting headaches to executives. Litigation can take years, and construction companies are finding out that documents are often missing, or inaccurate.|308…(Read More)

Hiring managers should expect to see a growing interest in HB-1 visas next year. The visas, which allow non-citizen workers to meet certain criteria to work in the U.S., will become available through the federal government on April 1, 2014. Only 65,000 such credentials will be allocated, and demand is high…(Read More)

The recent International Risk Management Institute conference attracted plenty of heavy hitters in construction and allied industries. The keynote address, delivered by Rik Kunnath, executive chairman of the board at Pankow Contractors and Construction, admitted innovation is woefully inadequate. “For the U.S. building industry to remain competitive, especially with so much global competition coming…(Read More)

Research from the U.S. Green Building Council has favorable results on environmental practices across the country. The LEED in Motion: Places and Policies report finds there are some 17, 400 certified commercial and institutional projects, representing 2.3 billion square feet in the U.S., and another 29,599 registered (pursuing LEED but not…(Read More)

Several jobs that made this list from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are construction-related. And what’s also noteworthy is these dangerous jobs don’t pay very much. For instance, roofers, construction laborers, and structural iron and steel workers all have high fatality rates due to falls. The pay in each of…(Read More)

Lean practices—recommendations aimed at eliminating waste from construction projects—must be implemented in order for companies to gain a competitive edge. This is the main finding in a report from McGraw Hill Construction on Lean. A company press release explains that 84 percent of Lean practitioners believe the efficiency guidelines bring higher quality projects…(Read More)