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Even though having a good recruiter at your back is important if you want to get the best jobs on the market, there are other things that you have to be careful about as well, and you’re directly responsible for your success to a large extent. For example, when was the last time you…(Read More)

Not everyone in the field of construction seems to be aware of what they can expect from their recruiters when they’re working with one, and how to utilize the potential of this sort of relationship best. Your recruiter can do a lot for you – but they’re not a magic button that automatically builds…(Read More)

Just like construction workers themselves, recruiters in this field tend to vary with their quality of work. You may be able to find some great experts out there who can really help you progress steadily in your work, but on the other hand you may also have the displeasure of working with recruiters who don…(Read More)

Many people who work in the construction industry only rely on their jobs to learn new skills and improve their work. And while this can be useful in the beginning, sooner or later you’ll want to start expanding and learning more advanced things if you want to make a good impression on your potential…(Read More)

The market for construction work has become quite heavily populated recently. This is certainly great for those who really have strong skills and heavy experience, but on the other hand it can be a problem if you don’t know how to negotiate with employers properly, and how to seek out that employment in the…(Read More)

Just because you work in construction doesn’t mean you can’t be famous! Every large industry has its “celebrities,” people who’re constantly being sought after by different companies and recruiters. As long as you do your work well enough, and you choose your employment carefully, you can usually prosper quite quickly in this…(Read More)

Credentials speak for themselves when you’re looking for a job. They come in all forms – for example, those in the more intellectual fields usually rely on their degrees and certificates to demonstrate their level of expertise. With manual labor, it’s a slightly different story – you need to make your name known on the…(Read More)

A career in construction can be very rewarding nowadays, even more so for those who’ve managed to establish themselves on the market well enough. There are many different career paths that you can take here, far more than we can realistically discuss, but there are some general rules that you can follow for all…(Read More)

Any good construction worker knows that it’s important to have a solid recruiter who can guide you through the market and show you the best jobs available at the moment. However, there are many more benefits to this sort of partnership than the simple ability to find good jobs. Anyone who’s had the…(Read More)

Many professional construction workers like to find their jobs on their own, without seeking external assistance. Of course, utilizing connections is invaluable if you’re trying to climb to the top, and it can certainly come in handy when the market is not being so favorable towards you at the moment. Sometimes though, you can…(Read More)