Posts From the monthly archives: "August 2013"

A new report from global HR consultant Pricewaterhouse Coopers finds that hiring managers may need a primer on talent sourcing strategies and onboarding programs. The 2013-2014 Human Capital Effectiveness Report reveals that first-year-of-service turnover rates show that nearly one-in-four employees leaves voluntarily or involuntarily within the first year of…(Read More)

If you and the employers you represent are struggling to find—and retain—top performers, consider looking at engagement issues. Business and organizational leaders believe that disengaged employees contribute to increased healthcare costs and a decline in quality of work. “The correlation between higher revenue, lower costs and greater customer satisfaction with employee engagement is…(Read More)

Meticulous coordination and the ability to couple learning with action are two of the 10 traits that strong construction project managers should possess. This post is a good reminder to recruiters when screening applicants. No. 10 is my favorite. Which one resonates with you?…(Read More)

Word on the street is that Monster Worldwide has taken down its ‘For Sale’ sign and is preparing to announce several strategic social and mobile initiatives. The job board giant had faced a wave of financial uncertainty, which CEO Sal Iannuzzi says is now behind them.…(Read More)

Here’s a post that can get construction recruiters up-to-speed on the technology trends that will impact hiring managers next year. What challenges will your clients be facing in 2014?  HR and cloud computing security, business process outsourcing, and mobile tools may be keeping people up at night. This list on…(Read More)

The latest numbers on July’s labor market don’t impress reporter Jeffrey Sparshott of Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal. Sparshott, who writes about the U.S. economy, contends that while housing construction is a plus, public construction projects are a drain.…(Read More)