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If you think the filter you have developed about sizing up people disappears when interviewing talent, you’re wrong. The way the mind works in the areas of perception and interpretation, both consciously and subconsciously, must be examined, writes talent and HR consultant JoAnn Corley. Corley asks the loaded question: Do you have a sense…(Read More)

“We usually associate branding as the Marketing Department’s baby but it’s not, everyone within your organization is part of the brand,” maintains HR pro Chris Fields, who blogs at He writes that when searching for top talent, there’s no room for ambiguity. “For instance, if a company uses social media…(Read More)

Here’s a story that you can pass along to employers involved with school construction.  “Part of the company’s mandate was to identify ‘teachable moments’ to enhance the students’ education,” says Marcus Gillam, CEO and project management specialist at the Gillam Group. While building an athletics and wellness center at an independent girls school…(Read More)

What are the common traits of HR visionaries? This post by practitioner and educator Michael Haberman explains that thought leaders are well-read and understand the value of the collective. Another sign your client is a futurist: They are optimists.…(Read More)

Some 960 banks— including many in Kansas, Wyoming, and Colorado—began making construction and land development loans in the second quarter of 2013. Banks regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City made $110 million in construction and land development loans in the quarter, reports Dennis Domrzalski of Albuquerque Business First. “But it was…(Read More)

As the labor shortage continues, a new survey of 700 construction companies reveals that qualified craft workers are becoming harder to find. Research from the Associated General Contractors of America concludes that of the 74 percent of respondents, the most frequently reported difficulties are in filling onsite construction jobs such as carpenters, equipment operators, and…(Read More)

High-efficiency buildings, code implementation, and carbon reduction are among the environmentally friendly construction processes impacting the industry. VK Sustainable Concepts’ Principal Andrea Vollf writes on “Even construction firms now struggle to come up with different solutions to reduce their carbon footprints and the damage to the environment caused by their products.” Is…(Read More)

By the year 2020, more than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce—or 60 million workers—will be freelance or contingent workers. That’s an increase of more than 10 percent from 2006, when a similar was conducted. The construction industry has long been filled with independent contractors. But there is more to come…(Read More)

They may not be from the construction industry, but we can certainly learn from the 10 winners of’s inaugural Talent Warrior Awards. Talent and acquisition execs from AT&T, Progressive Insurance, and Philips Healthcare are among those on the forefront of social recruiting. “They are constantly thinking of innovative ways to…(Read More)

Qualifications aside, hiring managers in the U.S. look for several traits when interviewing talent. A recent survey from CareerBuilder concludes that common interests are important. “Given two job candidates with equal qualifications, 27 percent indicated the candidate’s sense of humor could be a deciding factor in which of two candidates would get the…(Read More)