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The National Demolition Association’s new manual covers changes to hazardous waste materials and heavy equipment safety. The manual, recognized worldwide as the premier resource for work safety issues, is also more mobile-friendly. Demolition researchers have worked closely with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in an effort to keep up…(Read More)

Environmentally friendly construction continues to create quite a buzz, but ‘going green’ has also led to misunderstandings and wasted resources. For example, automated systems that save energy and streamline operations don’t always provide properties with ‘smart’ improvements. One misconception:  Smart technology only applies to new products. “Some of the smartest building products are not…(Read More)

Sure there are resolutions to eat healthier or save more money, but there are commitments you can make in 2014 to ensure your organization has a productive year. Have you considered building a stronger pool of skilled workers or keeping up with safety issues?…(Read More)

It’s time to take a closer look at the workplace demand for construction workers. What are the employment rates, salaries, and experience between construction careers and popular post-college jobs? You’ll see in this infographic that cost estimators and construction managers with college degrees earn decent salaries. But how important is a college…(Read More)

Did the extreme winter weather play a part in December’s disappointing jobs report? Only 74,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy last month. Construction companies, which are heavily dependent on weather conditions, cut 16,000 jobs. That’s the biggest drop in 20 months, according to the Washington Post. The unemployment…(Read More)

Delivery methods, prefabrication, and technology will shape the industry in 2014. So says Bud LaRosa, chief business performance officer at Tocci Building Companies in Woburn, MA.  “More companies will move to the cloud, which allows contractors to seamlessly share files of any size with virtually unlimited power,” explains LaRosa. “Cloud based solutions will help increase…(Read More)

Home construction and commercial projects have been helping boost construction spending these past couple of months. The U.S. Commerce Department says single family and apartment building construction have been important. But the Associated Press reports that commercial projects also jumped 2.7 percent in November. Spending on offices, communication projects and transportation projects contributed…(Read More)

Debate over the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment has always been a lively one. But the company itself recently issued an e-mail that there are many people who misunderstand and misuse the assessment.  According to Erik Sherman, a corporate communications consultant and author, Myers-Briggs says that using the MBTI as part of…(Read More)

There’s been a significant growth in the number of female construction employees in leadership roles in Australia. How did leaders down under shake up the status quo a couple of years ago? A new group called Industry Women Central has played an integral role in breaking down barriers and moving past outdated stereotypes in…(Read More)

Top talent with skills in engineering and energy can thank the global economy for the job growth that’s expected this year. Analyst Josh Bersin says 2014 is the “Year of the Employee.” Bersin contends that top talent has the power to exert more control this year, and employers must adapt. “For the first time…(Read More)