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A new approach to student housing and shopping is underway at The College of New Jersey. The $86 million public-private partnership dubbed ‘Campus Town’ has The PRC Group developing a nine building complex. The first level will feature retail shops and restaurants with top floor apartments for student housing.  An article on…(Read More)

I once called a prospect and asked for an appointment. He replied, “My CFO is a CPA, so we’re fine.” Another prospect responded, “we outsource our HR to our payroll company.” Both of those responses instantly told me that these mid-sized companies have half of an HR department, but don’t know it…(Read More)

The cloud, mobile, and Big Data are just a few of the rapidly emerging construction-technology trends this year. Tech start-up companies catering to the construction industry are also making a splash in the market. The Constructech 50 2014 features leading construction technology businesses that may sound familiar. Project management firms mentioned include Healthcare…(Read More)

A new report outlining a long term vision on how to holistically manage the future of infrastructure has been released. Making the Grade includes input from 45 organizations, including corporations, trade associations, think tanks, academic institutions and financial advisors. The report focuses on how stakeholders can rethink the best ways to deliver integrated roads, bridges…(Read More)

Authorities in New York City allege that two construction companies paid laymen, including some allegedly hired from Craigslist, to ‘inspect’ buildings and issue approvals. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says two companies avoided hiring certified inspectors at higher prices and opted to pay hairdressers, busboys, and others, to complete the required forms. A report…(Read More)