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Care to guess the top 2013 revenue makers in the commercial construction sector? High-profile projects helped bring in huge revenues for these companies. For example, the firm that built the Hoover Dam (Bechtel Corporation) had $30.7 billion in revenue last year. The company that constructed the new Yankee Stadium (Turner Construction) brought in…(Read More)

Not everyone agrees on the issue of climate change, but many cities around the U.S. are planning for major infrastructure improvements to help with natural disasters. A growing number of local government leaders, such as those in Dubuque, Iowa, are beginning to take on problems that could be linked to climate change. For instance…(Read More)

“About 7.1 million Americans were employed in construction-related occupations last year—and only 2.6 percent were women,” according to a recent story from the Associated Press. “That percentage has scarcely budged since the 1970s, while women have made gains since then in many other fields.” One group rising to meet the challenge…(Read More)

Safety issues on jobsites aren’t only about falls from ladders and speeding traffic in work zones. Many people in the construction industry are overweight and use tobacco products.  “A recent study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that about one in five workers in construction and mining smoke or chew…(Read More)

Success leaves clues. Women who thrive in male-dominated fields typically describe themselves as persistent, tenacious, and goal-oriented. What traits have helped the women profiled in this article succeed? Read about how they have learned to overcome challenges and the advice they offer to other women in the industry.…(Read More)

Building and development in Manhattan is busier than ever, so why are companies losing millions of dollars? Some architects are blaming the Department of Buildings, which has 500 inspectors and too many requests for their expertise. The New York Post says few applicants have the required background as a construction supervisor. Currently, inspectors have to…(Read More)

To improve collaborative efforts between construction firms, contractors, and the supply chain, many owners are turning to cloud-based technology. A project information management software company, Newforma, is one player in the market. Their Software-as-a-Service package, Newforma Contract Administration, provides cloud-based communication and documentation for project stakeholders. Files and work are…(Read More)

Teams of building inspectors are making their way through Napa Valley, CA following the recent earthquake and many aftershocks. Scores of structures have been red-tagged by authorities, deeming them uninhabitable. Engineers and others are curious to determine the effectiveness of years of earthquake preparedness and structural retrofitting in the downtown area, according to an…(Read More)