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Looking for some nifty gifts for people working construction jobs? This gift buying guide includes a cordless heating jacket that’s water and wind resistant, and can be washed and dried in household machines. It also has a USB port in the pocket for charging devices. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, can be helpful in…(Read More)

Open edging, unsafe scaffolding, falling objects and fire are all hazards to those working construction jobs. Many job site injuries and deaths can be prevented, according to the federal government. This infographic can serve as a punch list for your workers and their crews to help improve working conditions on construction jobs.…(Read More)

What’s the best way to price and bid on construction projects? To manage the bidding process effectively, each member of your staff must have a firm grip on the costs likely to be incurred during the course of fulfilling the contract. That’s according to Wesley Simmons’ post on Lack of consistency…(Read More)

Public private partnerships differ in scope from traditional public works projects designed by a government agency. In a typical P3 project, the private party enters the project earlier, and is capable of greater decision-making power, writes Todd Bryant, founder of Bryant Surety Bonds. “The bidding process works in a similar way as with conventional…(Read More)

Regular trainings and inspections can help reduce the number of crane accidents at construction sites. Familiarity with job sites is important, too. Cranes are used for different projects all the time and every work area hides its own hazards, according to writer Jeremy Roberts on He suggests before you start working on a…(Read More)

It’s only been a week since your new hire started and you’re already wondering, Is that the same person I interviewed? I call this the Evil Twin Syndrome. You interviewed the good twin. The one with all the right answers to your interview questions. The one with the engaging smile and the firm…(Read More)

“Setting up a live video feed of construction projects can be a very effective tool for monitoring the entire scope of work,” says John Gerardi, a senior account executive at “Camera feeds can boost the level of safety and security in the area of construction, as well as improve the documentation of the…(Read More)

Let’s skip the candy canes and warm socks. Professionals working construction jobs may prefer (more expensive) goodies such as geo-fencing and radio frequency identification tracking (RFID). Smart trailers are also ideal for construction sites. These are your headquarters in the field, according to Christina Urban’s post on “Smart trailers lets…(Read More)