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Construction is back on track. So says a post published by Occupational Health and Safety News. reports that construction’s unemployment rate fell to 9.8 percent last month. In January, 2014, unemployment in the construction sector was 12.3 percent. The Associated General Contractors of America says projects are brisk this year…(Read More)

Many disputes regarding construction jobs can be resolved through mediation, which saves both parties time and resources. Preparing to work with a court-appointed mediator is quite different than conducting due diligence for a trial, writes attorney Elizabeth Repper of Keating Chambers. Why does Repper advise not to approach mediation as you would an arbitration…(Read More)

Keeping up with changing regulations issued by the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration just got a bit easier. The Mobile Safety Solutions App is a freebie that has the full text of OSHA rules for General Industry and Construction. “The app contains new and useful features to improve guidance to all compliance needs…(Read More)

Business models in the construction industry are changing along with legal requirements on what actually constitutes being an employee.  Business leaders say loyalty and easier hiring and firing are the advantages to having employees rather than subs.  The government—both state and federal—see things differently. This post on weighs the pros and…(Read More)

Illinois, Colorado and Maryland have grabbed the top three spots on the U.S. Green Building Council’s list of states with the most LEED projects. According to a press release from the Council, the analysis ranked states in terms of square feet of LEED space per resident. “The per-capita list highlights states throughout…(Read More)

Lower construction equipment emissions and ground up construction jobs are among the trends we’ll be seeing in 2015. A post on also points out that safety is the top priority as the construction industry continues to evolve. “Some new devices we’ll see entering the market this year include carbon monoxide-detecting…(Read More)

Employee satisfaction data from 12 industries finds that construction workers are the happiest employees. Some 30,000 people across 500 organizations were surveyed for TINYpulse’s 2015 Best Industry Ranking report, which says those dissatisfied with their jobs lack support from managers and the necessary tools to get their work done.’s post…(Read More)

Hundreds of dilapidated properties across the U.S. are being given another look by city officials. Leaders want to attract construction jobs and developers to give life to blighted areas.  Detroit, Camden, Dallas and Memphis are each trying to launch unique partnerships with stakeholders, including the University of Memphis Law School. Multi-year tax abatements…(Read More)