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Engineers and those assessing urban areas and lifestyles have usually been armed with clipboards as they assess roadways, land use and construction. It may, however, soon be a thing of the past. A new app called CANVAS— Computer Assisted Neighborhood Visual Assessment System—could replace the clipboard and accompanied handwritten notes.  Michael Bader, a professor…(Read More)

As businesses struggle to recruit employees skilled in science, math, engineering and technology, many employers and analysts are trying to understand how the skilled labor shortage got this bad.  This infographic from Adecco says the problem isn’t about wages or education. Only 19 percent of the students who graduate college with a Bachelor of…(Read More)

The Wells Fargo Construction Industry Forecast’s “Optimism Quotient” is at 130, the highest it’s ever been. A score of 100 is considered generally good, and anything below that figure raises concerns in the industry. The last time the Optimism Quotient was at this level was in 2005, when it reached 109.The Wells…(Read More)

Are you familiar with RibMC2, Newforma and Viewpoint? These are the three top software programs for construction managers. Capterra compiled the list, reminding construction employers that technology helps make contractors lives easier by improving workflows and processes. A post on states that the list is based on number of customers, number of actual…(Read More)

A new report from construction research firm CMD brings good news for construction jobs.  The report expects starts of industrial construction projects to increase 7.8 percent this year. The reason? “It is due in large part to reshoring efforts by U.S. manufacturers,” writes digital reporter Andy Szal on He says CMD…(Read More)

When it comes to doing their homework, folks at the Early Childhood Education Zone have risen to the occasion. Their list of America’s Top 50 Playgrounds balances safety, fun, learning, green initiatives, design, special needs and community partnerships. For example, No. 24 is the Can-Do Playground in Wilmington, Delaware. It involved a collaboration…(Read More)

It’s no secret that construction jobs and positions are hard to fill. Employers can try to ease the pain of the labor shortage by creating a safe place to work, constantly training construction workers, and carefully screening job candidates. This post offers good reminders as the industry continues to evolve and regroup. http://www…(Read More)

No one is safe from hackers, including construction companies. Yet few construction firms “know enough about the risks to mount a suitable defense” to a potential cyberattack. That’s according to Engineering News-Record. A summary post on says even fewer employers in the construction sector report attacks when they occur, and they…(Read More)