10 Years Later, America’s STEM Talent Pool Still Floundering

The U.S. News/Raytheon STEM Index, a comprehensive measurement tool that analyzes key factors relating to science, technology, engineering and math jobs and education, has released its findings. A post on USNews.com states: “After a long period of flat to down indicators, there has been some upward movement, particularly in the actual number of STEM degrees granted at the undergraduate and graduate levels.” Reporter Lylah Alphonse writes that even with those numbers on the rise, as a proportion of total degrees granted they still hover close to the same levels that existed in 2000. “This indicates that the education pipeline to fill the current and future jobs that will require STEM skills still isn’t producing enough talent.” How serious is the shortage? The post points out that STEM skills may be required in as many as 50 percent of future jobs.



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