Establishing Your Name in Your Field

Credentials speak for themselves when you’re looking for a job. They come in all forms – for example, those in the more intellectual fields usually rely on their degrees and certificates to demonstrate their level of expertise. With manual labor, it’s a slightly different story – you need to make your name known on the market if you want to make sure that you’re being treated with the respect that you deserve.

This can be done in various ways, but one important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t sell yourself short. At some point, after you’ve built up enough experience, you may find yourself receiving various job offers from recruiters for small-scale, easy-looking jobs. This is the crucial point in your career’s development, where you’ll have to grind your teeth and push forward into the more complicated and demanding jobs, if you want to really see yourself progress.

Otherwise, you can stick with the low-level jobs that you’ll likely be able to find very easily now, and enjoy the easy money. But remember that you could be doing much better for yourself – and any good high-level recruiter who works with experienced construction workers will tell you that. You’ve only got so much time, you might as well make the most of it!