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What do office buildings of the future look like? They must be “public-transit and pedestrian friendly, flexible, adaptable and easily reconfigured both internally and externally, and environmentally sustainable in the way they are constructed and maintained.” That’s according to an article in Architectural Record. A recent competition dubbed, The Office Building of the…(Read More)

“HR teams must adapt to ensure their social recruiting processes are designed to help facilitate sharing of content, jobs, and other employment messages to meet the changing expectations among employees.” So says Ellen Julian on Julian is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Talent Acquisition at Peoplefluent. To strategically enhance your recruiting, Julian suggests…(Read More)

Don’t write off anxiety-ridden candidates who may be awkward when interviewing. Recent studies say fidgety people who don’t use much eye contact often outperform extroverts, who may talk a good game but under deliver. HR consultant Heather R. Huhman explains that candidates who seem nervous worry about making mistakes, so they are…(Read More)

A bill which would allow private sector employers to give non-exempt workers the option of receiving paid time off instead of money for overtime hours worked is heading to the U.S. Senate. “Comp time is an option that has been available to public sector employees since 1985,” according to the Society for Human…(Read More)

Mentor relationships offer shared growth for both mentors and mentees. If you want a bit more fulfillment in your life, you’ll want to ‘pay it forward’ by sharing your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom with a less seasoned recruiter. One of the benefits: A renewed enthusiasm for your own work.…(Read More)

Why is it important to become a thought leader in the construction industry? Many people find marketing themselves or “tooting their own horn” unsavory – but  self-marketing in for design/build/construction executives can and does have multiple career benefits including: 1.     Potential exposure to future “dream” positions – they contact YOU! 2.     More quality opportunities…(Read More)