Posts From the monthly archives: "July 2013"

As chatter and analysis continue over the one year implementation delay of the Affordable Care Act, employers must remember that other mandates are just around the corner. Barring any modifications, 2014 brings changes in excise taxes and fees, benefit summaries, and more. Are you knowledgeable about these changes?…(Read More)

Several major office projects in Manhattan, a surge of residential construction, and ongoing capital spending has the New York Building Congress bracing for a busy 2014. The group “anticipates New York will support more than 130,600 construction jobs in 2014,” according to a post on Real Estate Weekly.…(Read More)

When searching for new talent, it may be time to team up with employers to create snappy video clips. A growing number of businesses are turning to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share these snippets, which typically run less than 30 seconds in length. HR pro Dr. John Sullivan explains, “Independently created micro-videos can…(Read More)

Construction giant Skanska is seeing red over what it claims is anti-green lobbying by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber supports the American High-Performance Building Coalition, which is fighting “the implementation of a new LEED certification program (LEEDv4) that encourages transparency in reporting the chemical composition of building materials,” according to…(Read More)

“Construction firms are notoriously small and specialized. Over 80 percent of all construction workers are employed by firms of 10 or less,” writes construction attorney Barry LePatner on “Today, it is not unusual for 50 or more firms to take part in the design and construction of large projects like industrial facilities.” LePatner…(Read More)

Consider this rhetorical question: Do you want to bring top talent to hiring managers? If your online strategy needs a kick, read these tips on how to supercharge your search engine optimization. “Recruiters can use what are considered online marketing tactics to extend the life of a traditional online job posting, help increase your company…(Read More)