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The nation’s governors have kicked off a series of regional summits on workforce training, but construction industry leaders are a bit puzzled. Chairperson of the National Governor’s Association, Gov. Mary Fallin (R-Oklahoma) has promised to improve workforce development partnerships, with an emphasis on secondary school credentials. However, Mike Glavin, senior manager for…(Read More)

Are hospitals and other healthcare facilities taking responsibility for environmental threats to construction workers? The ACE Advisory Group’s new report concludes it’s a critical step for healthcare organizations to ensure they have the appropriate pollution insurance coverage in place as part of their overall construction project strategy. The report, titled, Healthcare Construction: Managing…(Read More)

Good news on the technology front. Tablets and cloud services are helping contractors close the gap in work projects. McGraw Hill Construction surveyed 300 contractors and specialty contractors. Most said they are yielding investment benefits from using mobile technology, but respondents admit more can be done to improve efficiency. One area that needs improvement is…(Read More)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is proposing changes to its recordkeeping that may not be well-received by employers. The amendment wouldn’t necessitate additional steps, but would add requirements for the electronic submission of injury and illness information employers are already mandated to keep. Joe Mont, a reporter for, explains that…(Read More)

New research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a lopsided racial workforce that favors Caucasians over blacks and Hispanics. The BLS report finds that whites make up more than 80 percent of the U.S. workforce, including construction managers (92 percent), carpenters (91 percent), and CEOs (90 percent). “It’s stratified at…(Read More)

Company-issued computers and smartphones aren’t impressing employees, especially millennials. Researchers reveal workers, including those in construction-related fields, prefer their own personal devices. David Willis, a communications analyst at Gartner, suggests companies adjust to employees using their personal gadgets while on the clock. “Companies don’t really have a choice. These young employees…(Read More)

Transferring liability and additional endorsements can be tricky for construction companies that work with subcontractors. To add to the confusion, the courts often get involved when claims are filed. The Lockton Companies, which provides insurance and employee benefits, has produced a short slide deck on the topic. Lockton concludes that two recent court decisions are…(Read More)

Houston, New York, and Los Angeles are among the U.S. cities that have the highest number of construction employment opportunities. What kinds of positions are most in demand? This post by writer Abby Lombardi states that construction carpenters and operating engineers were among the hot positions in September.…(Read More)

High turnover is a drain on money and resources. If your company has a revolving door with talent, it’s time to gather insights from people who have left. Brief surveys of former employees work well, advises recruiting blogger Heather Huhman. And it’s smart to survey current employees who have a strong work ethic…(Read More)