Posts From the monthly archives: "February 2014"

With Washington, DC as the backdrop, representatives of the construction industry, armed forces, and Obama Administration announced plans for construction industry firms to hire 100,000 veterans by 2015. A government press release says U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez has long maintained the industry has been a proven training and employment infrastructure.  “Through apprenticeships…(Read More)

2013 was a strong year for equipment rentals, and the increase is expected to last through 2014. “The equipment rental industry forecast in the U.S. calls for 8.4 percent growth in 2014, led by a projected growth of 9.1 percent in the construction equipment rental sector as noted by the American Rental…(Read More)

A shortage of STEM grads and data analytics are two of the hiring trends we can expect this year. While some of the issues highlighted in this infographic are carryovers from 2013, they remain important as the job market continues to change with technology and the sluggish economy.…(Read More)

There is bliss in the construction workforce. Managers in the U.S. who oversee construction, facilities, and properties are among the happiest in their jobs.  A post on explains the joy comes from their work settings, co-workers, and the flexibility they have in getting things done. Who else made the happy list…(Read More)

Experience, education, and certifications help you hire the right contractors for your commercial building. But have you been able to verify that they have the capabilities to do an outstanding job? Many contractors who are vague about project specifics try to impress businesses with certifications and education. A post on poses 10 questions…(Read More)

How can your organization economize on worker safety expenses without compromising the well-being of staff and contractors? Investigating alternative purchasing options is one suggestion mentioned in this post on…(Read More)

Construction industry leaders, employers, and lawmakers are keeping a watchful eye on the dwindling Highway Trust Fund.  Leaders in the U.S. Department of Transportation predict the fund could be drained by August. Peter Rogoff, who works with Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, met this week with the American Trucking Associations Executive Committee. “That means that…(Read More)

Henkels and McCoy, an engineering and construction company, is tooling around with InterviewStream, which has HR using online, pre-recorded video interview questions. According to an article on, candidates can launch their interview process the moment they apply for a job. “This is a breakthrough for the company,” explains Dave Sinclair, corporate recruiting…(Read More)