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Construction industry advocates say uncertainty tied to the federal funding beginning in 2015 puts jobs at risk for roughly 300,000 people working on highway and bridge projects. That’s according to a post on Research from Sageworks, a financial information company, concludes that privately held construction companies are reticent as Congress attempts…(Read More)

Even the basics of workplace contracts can be confusing for those not trained in contract law. Christopher Hill is a construction attorney and mediator based in Richmond, VA. He offers three tips on what contractors should include in their legal agreements. Hill recommends a detailed scope of work and dispute resolution clause be included. What…(Read More)

It’s an ambitious plan that the Associated General Contractors trade group says will bring life to the industry and a new generation of skilled workers. In Denver, Ken Simonson, AGC’s chief economist, unveiled the plan, Preparing the Next Generation of Skilled Construction Workers: A Workforce Development Plan for the 21st Century. Denver Business…(Read More)

Private wireless broadband networks seem to be worth their weight in gold, as many construction sites are located in areas without access to Wi-Fi and cell towers. A Seattle, WA-based tech company,, has a rugged set-up that allows construction teams to access rich data on jobsites. “By arranging several briefcase…(Read More)

The number of construction worker deaths has dropped significantly since 1970, but the Occupational Health and Safety Administration says construction is still the deadliest private industry in the U.S. According to OSHA, half of the 775 deaths in 2012 construction accidents resulted from just four kinds of accidents, including falls and electrocutions. This infographic…(Read More)

Forty percent of North American construction companies don’t use technology to market for new business. And 35 percent of respondents don’t have a designated IT person on staff. These figures come from Jon Witty, general manager at Sage Construction and Real Estate. Sage recently surveyed some 850 construction companies in North America. “Construction…(Read More)