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Industry professionals who have IPhones and IPads will want to learn more about the latest apps in the market. From GoBIM to FingerCAD, these tools will likely impress you, and save valuable time and resources while on the job.…(Read More)

Extroverts may fare better in job interviews but there’s also a strong case for hiring introverts. “The value of the introvert in the workplace is immeasurable. They are patient. They dig deep and only speak when there is something of value to say,” maintains Krista Williams, a strategic director at Seven Step RPO. “They…(Read More)

College grads with engineering or business majors are having an easier time finding work than their counterparts who majored in liberal arts. Only 2 percent of companies are hiring students who took the liberal arts path. But there is good news. “More than four in five human-resource managers cited communication skills as a top…(Read More)

Some 6,000 jobs in the construction sector were created last month, continuing the slow and steady improvement we’ve seen the past several years. The U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics says that a few sectors have done well. “The strongest segments were heavy-civil engineering construction and residential specialty trades…(Read More)

Clarity on work orders, job descriptions, and timing is imperative as construction recruiters balance the needs of hiring managers and talent. Consider this list of questions that recruiting pros should be asking. Some are rudimentary, such as reporting structure and job location. The advanced list of questions, which includes managerial styles and the traits of…(Read More)

“Industry experts have long suggested technology like Google Glass has the potential to have a big impact in the construction industry, with the ability to provide data right out at the jobsite,” according to a post on  “However, research is continually showing there are other opportunities as well, such as for BIM (building…(Read More)

Building rapport and engaging with people—whether it’s in person or online—takes practice. Rapport is about getting people thinking, feeling, reacting and involved.  For business professionals, rapport builds influence, relationships, and sales. Here are seven tips on how to get in sync with others and develop rapport: 1. Be approachable. In person, carry…(Read More)

The annual Talent Shortage Survey from ManpowerGroup, an HR consulting organization, has just been released. In 2014, the most difficult jobs to fill include skilled trade workers, laborers, and engineers. Finance and accounting professionals are also tough to fund. A post on states that 45 percent of employers polled say they could better…(Read More)

“Buildings and often skyscrapers are centers of business and productivity and are essential to economic growth. However, the more buildings operate, the bigger the impact they have on the natural environment,” maintains Jason Garcia on “The question is: how can we align economic and environmental performance?  How do we integrate green methods from…(Read More)