5 Communication Blunders Recruiters Must Avoid

Communication in the 21st century can be confusing.

Between text abbreviations, e-mail misunderstandings, and a multigenerational workforce, it’s easy to get tangled up linguistically.

Recruiting professionals who manage to avoid the following communication goofs will be appreciated by colleagues, peers, and clients.

1. Use jargon and rhetoric. People prefer to communicate with trustworthy and authentic people. Throwing around empty words and stuffy business jargon doesn’t serve us well. Communicate from the heart, like a real person.

2. Help others express themselves. Allow people to complete their thoughts before you speak. We are all rushed and hurried, so it’s easy to get caught up interrupting someone or finishing their sentences. This is especially common in lively conversations, whether it’s a disagreement or a lighter interaction. Listen with your mouth closed.

3. Fake paying attention. The best gift that you can give someone is the gift of your attention. You don’t have to shop for it, wrap it, or spend money on it. The key is to push away any and all mental distractions and be fully present and engaged. Live by the credo: “Wherever my feet are, my head is.”

4. Focus on differences and obstacles.  Professionals who can find commonalities between people, ideas, and projects get far less pushback from others. When we concentrate on differences, conflicts arise quickly and lines are drawn. In every situation, there is something that you can latch onto that will set a positive tone and achieve outcomes that are satisfactory to everyone.

5. Respond to everything. Not every statement requires an answer or comeback. Translation: Bite your tongue. Silence is a very powerful tool in communication.

What would you add to the list?

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