6 Things You Must Do Before 2013 Ends

As we wind down the year, what’s been nagging at you and draining your energy that has yet to be addressed, tackled, or confronted?

What can you do in the coming weeks that will ease the pressure and get you motivated and focused for an amazingly successful 2014?

Consider these points:

  1. Think about your ideal client. Your target market may be shifting. Assess the relationships you have had with your favorite and best clients and those who have been difficult and tricky. Focus on how to get more of the former and less of the latter.
  2. Examine your systems. Are the processes and systems you use every day to get your job done efficient? Do they serve you well? It may be time to look at new software or hiring an admin to manage tasks that don’t require your full attention.
  3. Commit to learning. Make a list of anything and everything you have learned this year. Then write down the single most important skill you need to do your job better. If it’s a new tech platform, register for a class. If it’s an improved morning routine, start meditating or reading something positive. Whatever the one thing is, you must begin right now.     
  4. Drop your old stuff.  You’ll have a hard time easing into 2014 if your ankles are shackled with overstuffed baggage that drags you down. Make a phone call, write a letter (and rip it up), or surrender. Don’t allow things that from the past that you can’t change to interfere with your potential and success. Note to self: Surrender does not mean you are giving up. It means you are allowing the Universe or higher power to take care of your situation or problem.
  5. Identify the elephant in the room. We all avoid things that make us uncomfortable and irritated. What is the one thing in your professional life that you and those around you are trying to discount? This is not the same as No. 4.
  6. Expect good things to happen. When we anticipate positive outcomes, they usually pop up in our lives. If you expect happiness, love and success, you will begin attracting positive things. If you focus on the negative, you’ll be dealing with unexpected bills, car problems, and other drama. Like ordering food in a restaurant, you generally get what you ask for.  If you don’t like what you’re getting in life, send it back.

What will your 2014 look like if you take care of these six items right away?

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