Basic Construction Safety Equipment Used The World Over

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in with numerous accidents, some fatal, occurring every year. But necessity and high rewards outweigh danger which is why there will always be people eager to enter the industry. To minimize the risk of accidents, construction workers don and use many safety equipments the likes of which are given below.

Eye gear

Eye protection will consist of welding, chemical splash and protective goggles. The lens and the frame are made of shatter-resistant plastic with efforts being made to ensure ideal optics.

Hand protection

Hand protection gear are gloves that protect hands from chemicals, aggressive liquids, extreme heat and cold, abrasive surfaces and for performing precision work. The gloves are generally made of rubber and latex.

Ear protection

Ear protection doesn’t only imply protecting the ears but more so the hearing. These will consist of ear plugs and muffs, some electronic in design to increase ambient hearing but decrease very loud noise.
Respiratory protection: Respiratory protection wear are those that guard the respiratory tract against pollutants hazardous to health. Think respirator masks and filter cartridges.

Head protection

Head protection will include face shield visors, hard hats and welding masks.