BEST Job Search Strategies for Construction Executives

If you are a construction executive you might be wondering what the best job search strategies are for executives in the construction industry – that you can use to move your career forward – and that are in alignment with your professional and personal goals.

Job Boards: It used to be that one answered job ad’s to secure interviews but with the glut of resumes that flood HR departments for each position advertised to millions of people when it hits the internet – those days are essentially over. Instead try to involve yourself in gold standard industry associations including top construction associations. Are you a thought leader or would like to be one? Write articles in trade and association journals about the topics you are passionate about and give problem/solutions scenarios, checklists and quick tips. These marketing methods have the “pull” power to attract opportunities to you. If you are highly specialized in a particular area there may be niche job boards that could yield you some results, but remember, general ROI on job boards is 1% to 2%.

Networking: Some construction executives tell me that up until now, they have always had opportunities come to them. They had always had recruiters call them. In my experience – since I field so many of these types of calls it leads me to believe that thinking this will always be true throughout ones career is a huge mistake and creates a false sense of security and a tendency to ignore the critical step of building up and maintaining one’s network.  One way to build and maintain your network is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is keyword optimized so the right “eyes” are attracted to your profile. Also you can invite people that are part of “your tribe” to join your network. You can invite members of the same groups, people you admire, colleagues and those in complimentary industries to yours.

Recruiters: Recruiters can be a great source of executive construction jobs and opportunities but only if you are a good fit for one of their projects with their client companies. Do you have a solid track record of success, a good academic background, industry expertise and have held positions with no more than 3 companies in the last 10 years? You might be a good candidate for a recruiter then! If you are looking to change industries, dramatically up level your positions, if you have been in a long job search or have some kind of liability that may be a concern (at least on paper) then you may not get the traction with recruiters you might be hoping for. Alternative job search strategies might be best for you in this case.

Going Direct: Want to tap into the plethora of awesome construction jobs in the hidden job market? Taking initiative to go direct to companies that are of interest to you can have high ROI. Use Google maps to find suitable companies in the construction industry or related industries in your geographic preferences. Use Google news alerts to find construction companies that are growing, moving, merging or working on projects you offer experience in. Find the key decision makers (not HR) and send them a letter directly. Some of my clients simply direct the reader to a website or LinkedIn profile and save the resume for the interview. A very effective strategy as the gatekeepers can circumvent a letter with a resume in it to human resources.

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