Beware Of Construction Employment Headhunters

You may be wondering what construction headhunters are. Really, the label ‘construction headhunters’ is just another term for construction employment agencies. The construction headhunter firm may and usually does specialize in only construction employment, where construction employment agencies can be an extension of a larger non-construction employment agency.

What are the benefits of using or registering with a construction headhunter? If you’re a skilled painter, plasterer, drywaller, carpenter, brick mason, tile layer, or carpet layer, registering with construction headhunters can be much easier than trying to find construction jobs on your own. Additionally, the headhunting firm vets you before sending you out on a job, they pay you (and presumably they’ve vetted the client before agreeing to work with them), they are usually more likely to still be around when you need a reference, and oftentimes they will have their own CCB licenses and other registrations.

The benefits for an employer or builder when using construction headhunters include less paperwork and less cost. They don’t have to take the time to print out (or even write out or sign) paychecks, they are not responsible for withholding taxes or paying those taxes to the taxing authorities, and they are not responsible for paying for workmen’s compensation insurance.