Building A Home – A Few Things You Should Know Before You Build

You’ve outgrown your current residence and are thinking about building a house. Are you also thinking about where you will get your labor pool for that house?

You can hire off the street and get what you pay for (sometimes good, sometimes bad). One benefit of this method of hiring is that you can (but shouldn’t) pay cash under the table. The downsides of this method are that there is no paper trail, possibly no license for the worker, and sometimes no proof that the person you hired ever even worked for you.

A better option is to use construction employment agencies, construction headhunters, or construction recruitment agencies. This option is better because the agencies generally will have their own construction contractors board (CCB) licenses. Those companies and individuals who hold these types of licenses are required to fulfill certain requirements to obtain and keep their licenses.

Another reason for using a construction employment agency is that a reputable one will vet their employees before sending them out to your jobs. This means that they have determined the minimum skill level of the employees; they won’t send you an untrained or unlicensed individual when the work you need done is not entry-level or non-skilled work.

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