Careers in the Field of Construction

The field of construction is very wide and that is why you are able to find a variety of courses therein. As a result of this, it is advisable that whenever you are planning to pursue a career in the industry, you need to be knowledgeable on the various courses that are offered. Below are some of the various courses that you can pursue for a career in the field of construction.

Undergraduate Degree Courses

These include Bachelor’s and Associate degree courses that are mainly undertaken to give the learner basic knowledge in of the operations of the construction industry. The courses offered include Introduction to Project Management, Construction Safety Management, Cost Estimating and Analysis, Construction Project Scheduling among others.

Master’s Degree Courses

These involve more of research work and are aimed at strengthening the knowledge that one acquires from the Undergraduate level. Some of the courses offered at this level include Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Construction Documentation, Legal Implications of Design and Construction, Land Use Management and Development.

Doctoral Level Courses

Most of the courses offered at this level are more similar to those offered at Master’s Degree level. Some of the unique courses offered at this level include Academic Writing, Marketing Construction Services, and Analysis of Research in Construction.