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Some employers don’t want to risk bringing on a person who’s likely going to leave them in a year or two, writes Nicole Fallon on “But other employers have found that, with the right management techniques, even someone with a propensity toward shorter tenures can make a strong, lasting impact on…(Read More)

It’s been a long time coming, but the construction industry is picking up nicely in Vegas. The area that was hit hard when the 2008 recession struck is now slowly inching its way back in the market. Eli Segall writes on “Developers are building or planning to construct apartment complexes, industrial properties…(Read More)

How can construction employers and contractors prevent violent crimes from occurring at jobsites? Whether it’s an onsite shooter, harassment or bullying, supervisors must be trained and prepared if problems arise. There are some frightening examples of deadly violence mentioned in this post, from Chicago to Austin to Charleston, South Carolina. Find out what professionals…(Read More)

The Gulf Cooperation Council—which includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar—projects 2015 will be a record year for construction. reports that demand for material and skills will continue to grow, and will test the capacity of the supply chain to meet the needs of the construction industry. “The scale…(Read More)

It’s still experimental but there’s a global fascination with 3D printing and how it will impact building and construction jobs. Consider this example from Sharon O’Malley on In China, a five-story apartment building is on display next to a 1,100-square-foot mansion—also created on a 3D…(Read More)

Construction jobs look bright, especially in infrastructure, health care and education, says Rich Cavallaro, Skanska’s new president and CEO. Skanska USA is a $7 billion development and construction company, which will keep Cavallaro quite busy. In an interview with National Real Estate Investor magazine, he discussed urban growth trends, public private partnerships and the…(Read More)

Competition and rising land costs are two main reasons it’s getting more expensive to build hotels in the U.S. The U.S. Hotel Development Cost Survey 2014/15 by HVS, a global hospitality consulting firm, says commercial construction jumped as much as 11 percent last year. “In many markets, hotel developers are competing…(Read More)

There’s a great deal of talk about safety issues and construction work, but what about the security of tools and equipment? Materials have to be kept safe as well, a factor that’s key in keeping resources and projects on track. Remind contractors and project managers to keep areas well-lit at night, lock…(Read More)

The cookie-cutter approach to technology is a thing of the past for Oracle. The enterprise software giant has customized project management lines for its construction, financial and government clients. “For the engineering and construction business, Oracle has prepared the Contract Management Cloud Accelerator, which offers a series of reports and forms customized for that…(Read More)

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