How To Choose A Construction Recruitment Agency

As cities and towns burgeon on the horizon, there’s a growing need for unskilled and skilled labor. The construction industry is always on the look-out for talent and experience which is why so many people continue to enter the sector. One way to work for a construction company is to get recruited by a reputed recruitment agency. Let’s see how.


Check to see if the agency is accredited with a national and professional body. Such a body will set standards and regulations that agencies need to follow.


A sure-fire way to check a firm’s reputation is by going online and comparing lists. A noted agency will have contacts with construction companies of global or national repute.

Updated jobs

Successful agencies will have a list of jobs that are updated frequently. This is because they’re in contact with many construction companies in need of personnel.

Types of jobs

Look for recruitment firms that have a myriad of job profiles suited to your expertise. Recheck your resume and update it periodically with information relevant to the profile you’re looking for.

Stay informed

Sign up with several firms at once and subscribe to their newsletters. Keep checking your inbox for updates. If it seems that the firm isn’t sending you anything relevant ditch it and hunt for a new one.

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