Reinventing a Career in Construction

A career in construction hasn’t been very appealing to young people, a problem that’s causing work shortages across the U.S. Employers have been fighting misperceptions about the industry and a lack of understanding about job availability. But that’s beginning to change, according to Kelly Davidson’s article on Brian Turmail, executive director of public affairs for the Associated General Contractors of America, states: “Career fairs and expos are not enough. The best way to recruit is to expose young people and their parents to what life is like in construction and help them feel the thrill and the pride of building something.” He adds that technology is also exciting to students. “In modern construction, you’re as likely to hold an iPad as a hammer, and we want people to see that.” This post shares interesting stories about youngsters getting first-hand knowledge about historic structures, including the White House and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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