States Find Ways to Make Roads Safer—Without Major Construction

Some 25 states around the U.S. are teaming up with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to improve signage, pavement markings, and lighting on dangerous roadways. Officials say the effort is already saving lives in South Carolina, where deadly accidents were on the rise. The FHWA hired a private company to install the low-cost fixes at nearly 2,000 locations—the largest such deployment any state had made, according to “An early analysis of 458 of the intersections that were modified found a 22 percent reduction in crashes overall.” Jeff Shaw, the FHWA’s intersection safety program manager, says, “The idea is to put solutions out there that work and can reduce crashes today, as opposed to waiting for an opportunity to reconstruct or apply an expensive fix over time. There’s no question that this approach can save lives.” What does this mean for construction companies?

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