What Families Can Teach Us About Decision Making

Jack Welch’s name is synonymous with corporate leadership. His many books, interviews, and speeches since leaving the CEO position at GE have impacted millions of people around the globe.


Welch’s best-selling book, Winning, is co-authored with his wife, Suzy.


Suzy Welch is a former of the Harvard Business Review. She’s also a working mom.


In several interviews, Suzy Welch has talked about raising her four children. She says her life sometimes feels as if she is “juggling eggs on a rollercoaster.”


Welch has shared her approach to problem solving and decision making in a very simplistic way.


She uses the “10-10-10 Rule.” When faced with a challenge or complex decision, she says she steps back and asks herself: “What are the consequences of my actions in 10 minutes, 10 months or 10 years?”


One example she often shares is that she was speaking at a four-day event and brought two of her children on the trip. The kids wanted to spend the day surfing, but Suzy had to meet a client for breakfast. She was torn and feeling guilty. She sat her kids down and talked about their disappointment. She explained that if she missed the meeting, she would never be hired again by this client. A beach day would have repercussions for 10 months and 10 years. The children understood.


Welch went to her meeting and spent time with the kids the following day.


The bottom line: Try the “10-10-10 Rule” because it can bring clarity and ease to decision making.

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