When Building A Home Do It Right The First Time

One of my favorite television shows is “Holmes on Homes.” The mantra of the show’s host Mike Holmes is ‘do it right the first time.’

Mike hires excellent painters, drywallers, roofers, plasterers, carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, and painters. He’s been in the business long enough to establish great working relationships with local electricians and plumbers too.

If you are talented with drywall, paint, roofing, plastering, carpentry, laying bricks or tile, or any other building-related trade but you don’t live in Canada (where Mike does) never fear, there are numerous construction employment agencies in the USA that would love for you to register with them.

Do some in-depth research on the construction recruitment agencies before you choose one. First and foremost, don’t register with an agency that charges you fees. Register with construction recruitment agencies that are established or at least are an arm of an otherwise established employment agency; if you register with a brand-new agency, there’s a chance they don’t even have half a clue as to what they are doing. Make sure the agency has all the licenses required for the services they offer before registering with them; most services offered can be covered by one construction contractors board (CCB) license but electricians and plumbers will need to have their own licenses separate from the agency’s license.