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Should HR get out of the hiring business? Industry expert, author, and consultant Nick Corcodilos maintains that HR throws too many roadblocks into the hiring process. In an interview with, Corcodilos says HR should only be responsible for hiring other HR employees. He adds that HR does a disservice to departmental managers who…(Read More)

Your recruiting efforts may not seem overly difficult these days. That’s because a new survey of the 10 happiest and unhappiest jobs in the U.S. has construction superintendent, construction manager, and engineer each on the ‘happy’ list. “We know that the improving economy has an impact on the responses from people…(Read More)

Balance sheets traditionally include buildings, machinery, and money but many in HR maintain that human capital must be part of the equation. A recent report from global HR consultant Mercer got the attention of HR blogger China Gorman. “Mercer’s observation that with human capital being the main determinant of success today, it is troubling…(Read More)

Blame it on sequestration. Budget cuts aimed at curtailing the federal deficit have gone into effect this month and are impacting a key worker identification tool to monitor immigrants who apply for work in the U.S. E-Verify is a website that allows organizations to voluntarily check employees’ Social Security numbers and other personal…(Read More)

Bridges, aviation, ports, roads, and other infrastructure throughout the U.S. have received an overall abysmal grade of D+.  That assessment comes from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The solution? The president of Microdesk, Mike DeLacey, a construction industry consultancy, maintains that technology and processes such as building information modeling (BIM) can help fix…(Read More)

A group of bipartisan U.S. Senators are supporting a federal immigration plan to “increase the number of high-skilled foreign workers allowed into the country and give permanent legal status to an unlimited number of students who earn graduate degrees from U.S. universities in science, technology, engineering or math,” according to The Washington…(Read More)

Sears Holding Corporation has developed a sourcing model that’s worthy of consideration. It began with a basic Excel spreadsheet and data from a poll on Survey Monkey. Kevin Wheeler’s post on reminds us that simple data can be powerful and more useful in the beginning because “it is easier to see…(Read More)

For the first time in 10 years, organizations are going outside of their walls to fill open positions. That’s according to the 2013 Source of Hire Survey released this week by CareerXroads, an HR consultancy in New Jersey. “A new survey shows that nearly 42 percent of 185,450 open positions at 37 large…(Read More)