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Ever have that boss who told you during your annual performance review, I don’t give 5s. Everyone has room for improvement? This is the workplace equivalent of the perfectionist parent: – Dad, I pitched a no-hitter!        But what about those two batters you walked? – Mom, I made dean’s list!    …(Read More)

As the U.S., China, and other countries work to quell the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the construction industry will be stepping up as well. The design and construction of treatment and quarantine centers needs standards that will minimize the risk of spreading the deadly disease. Equally as important is how to maximize both…(Read More)

How are employers in the construction industry establishing diverse talent pools? When looking for college students preparing to graduate, you may want to consider the strategy used by corporations such as Bank of America, Aon, and Accenture. These organizations are looking closely at campus clubs. Rick Gomez, executive director of Global AT&T College…(Read More)

Transportation funding is in desperate need of an overhaul, according to a report from the Pew Charitable Trusts. The numbers—which reach into the billions of dollars—are frightening. Budget cuts, population shifts, and growth, are impacting infrastructure, and the federal government isn’t solely to blame. “Intergovernmental Challenges in Surface Transportation examines the role…(Read More)

Adhering to the many regulations imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may seem cumbersome or unnecessary. But if you’re thinking a few shortcuts won’t be a big deal, think again. Every time your crew enters a jobsite, insurance hikes, lawsuits, and cost overruns can result from something that appears to be…(Read More)

With a lot of moving parts and individuals involved, miscommunication throughout a project is a guarantee, according to a post from Procore Technologies, Inc. “Paper-based systems and outdated technology, like fax machines and endless spreadsheets, impede the ability to anticipate delays and supervise deadlines, and end up wasting valuable time and resources.” Using cloud…(Read More)

A mix of contractors, bond agents, insurance, and other financial responsibilities can easily get complicated for employers in the construction industry. Here is some sage advice on how—and why—to hire a reputable CPA firm. Referrals are helpful in this area as trust is a priority in the accounting space.   http://www.equipmentworld…(Read More)

An architectural design firm in California has created structural columns that can withstand horizontal movement during earthquakes. Joseph Flaherty explains on how the concrete pillar is created. “It combines an ancient Incan masonry technique with state-of-the-art manufacturing tools to create a structure that can withstand seismic shocks without mortar or…(Read More)