Common danger sources and injuries noticed in construction work

Construction work is dangerous and many different serious injuries can appear if the right measures are not taken. A responsible construction company will always take the necessary steps in order to make sure that any job site will have proper supervision and that the necessary safety measures are always reality to limit severity and number of injuries and accidents.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely eliminate occupational injury threat. It is highly important for all workers to be aware of the common danger sources and different injuries that can appear during construction work.

The most common problem noticed is a trip and slip hazard. There is also the possibility to be faced with exposed wiring or sharp edges that are present on different objects and structures. Falls from elevation are extremely dangerous and construction work can also involve problems caused by chemicals used or massive machinery problems.

The most common injuries in construction work are chemical and electrical burns. However, there are also others that can appear and that are to be avoided at all costs like poisoning, severe lacerations, amputation, traumatic brain injury, crush injury or repetitive strain injury. It is a necessity that all staff goes through safety training and that all rules are respected at all times.

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