Tips for a phone interview when looking for jobs in construction

Whenever looking for jobs in construction, it is quite common to have to go through a screening phone interview. In order to have the best chances of passing it, there are some tips that you should take into account. For starters, when the conversation starts, you need to write down the name of the person that you talk to correctly and you want a phone number to be able to call back in the event that the line drops. You should always have a copy of your resume handy, a pen, and employer research material if possible.

Even if it might seem weird, when looking for jobs in construction and being screened through a phone interview, it helps out a lot to smile even if you are just speaking on the phone. Always make sure that you are speaking in a clear, loud voice and ask clever questions as if you are participating in the face to face meeting.

If you are asked a question that would have a long answer and that should be answered more thoroughly, simple state that the question should be answered in person as the answer would be a lot better. Make sure that you follow up by sending a thank you letter and thank the person that held the interview for the time spent on the phone.

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