Discovering Your Personal Talent In The Construction Profession

Are you a talented carpenter? Do you have experience with drywalling, painting, carpeting, laying tile, painting (interior or exterior), roofing, or other building trades? Are you a licensed electrician or plumber?

If you can say yes to one or more (or even all of the above questions) consider registering with a construction headhunter, construction recruitment agency, or construction employment agency.

The benefits of doing so can include a long-term association with the agencies (this can be helpful if the actual employers move around a lot or are otherwise hard to locate for a reference). For example, I use my temporary employment agency for a reference because I’ve been registered with them for 6 years and most of my other employers have gone out of business.

Other benefits include the facts that the agencies pay you, they find you the jobs, and they do all the necessary paperwork to keep you legal with the state and federal agencies. Most construction employment agencies have their own construction contractors board (CCB) licenses for the states in which they operate. As their employee, your work may be covered by their license (this will not apply in the case of electricians or plumbers, you will have to have your own license in these areas).