Finding a Job in Construction And Some Tips You Should Know

Most construction jobs pay fairly well, from $12.00 to $15.00 per hour. If you are a licensed electrician or plumber, you can command even higher hourly wages.

You do need to have some skills in construction to get these higher paying jobs. Unskilled laborers on a construction site will probably be making minimum-wage or slightly above minimum-wage per hour.

If you’ve got experience in drywalling, plastering, carpeting, laying tile, or a myriad of other construction-related areas there are two ways of finding jobs in construction.

You can go to the actual job sites, ask for the general contractor or foreman, and then see if they have any openings. Be aware that in this job market, if they do have any openings they will probably have hundreds of applicants. You will need to stand out either with your skills or your eagerness to learn if you choose this method of finding a construction job.

Another way of finding jobs in construction business is to register with construction employment agencies, construction headhunters, or construction recruitment agencies. The agencies will vet you before sending you out on a job and they are responsible for paying you. Also, if you register with established construction employment agencies, getting a reference from them down the road (when you are applying for other jobs) may be easier than trying to find a possibly transient builder for whom you worked.