Responsibilities Of A Construction Project Manager

No construction work can be planned, executed and completed without the services of a construction project manager. Overseeing the phases of construction work, project managers make sure that everything goes according to plan, budget and capabilities right from start to finish.

Primary duties

Construction project managers plan a project in phases or steps and add deadlines to each stage.

• They hire workers, mediate and trade with vendors for materials and equipment and coordinate between the two and clients.

• They inspect every phase of the project to ensure that it complies with building codes and other safety standards.

• They make necessary changes to plans based on input from clients, architects, technicians and engineers.

• They obtain permits and licenses pertaining to construction projects.

• They also need to stay within the budget by overseeing costs on a daily/weekly basis.

What with so much on their plate project managers need to have certain traits. Problem-solving skills are at the top of the list as no project is without hindrances during the construction phase. Adherence to deadlines is second as time wasted is money wasted, not just for the manager but for the workers, vendors and the clients as well.

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